Monday, May 24, 2010

USB to ATM-like machine

Recently, I got myself a new soldiering iron, and it is about time that used it for my job.

One of our clients is using is working on a ATM-like device for providing it's clients with self service options. It has a stripped off keyboard (without Alt and Ctrl button) to make it harder for you to press the Alt+Tab or Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Basically it is being used to pay bills and fees without disturbing the working personnel. Since the services are not that trivial (come on, we are talking about paying money to the government here) there is an earpiece hanging on the side of the device, and when you have a question, you can call a representative for a guidance.

Seems nice, right ? RIGHT ? WRONG!

The thing is that the earpiece is a Skype phone and attached to the USB port of the computer running Windows Vista, so in a matter of fact, we have an exposed USB port. Here is where my soldiering skills come in.

Apparently, the Skype phone uses the same pine-out USB does (duh) and, therefore, all we need is to connect the wires :
  • 1- Ground
  • 2- TR
  • 3- RX
  • 4- 5Vcc
I am not sure about the TR and the TX, Just play with them. the moment you are done, you can just plug a normal keyboard or a Flash storage.

I had this old ADSL filter that I managed to use it's RJ-11 connector and an old USB extenders female plug that I had at home. Some soldiering and a tape and here it is.

Now we can plug a keyboard, mass storage and even a USB hub.

P.S. I did a crappy soldering. Don't ever hire me for that :)